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The  aim of CIBA  is to explore the adaptive diversity of cultivated tropical species so as to create the varieties best suited to the prevailing biotic and abiotic constraints. To this end, CIBA  federates the knowledge, skills, scientific resources and plant material of its partners. In conjunction with functional genomics and large-scale phenotyping, strategies involving the high-throughput analysis of plant genomes and of their expression are set to considerably speed up the characterization and exploitation of plant genetic resources.

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Rubber tree Citrus Cacao Coffee Eucalyptus Cotton


The research platform has been established in partnership since 2008. The CIBA involves 10 Brazilian and French partners for the core members and more than 7 Brazilian and 12 foreigner associated research units in Cameroon, Togo, Senegal, Madagascar, Burkina Fasso, Costa Rica, Argentina and France.


Luciano Paiva
CIBA Coordinator in Brazil
Phone :
+55 (35) 38 29 16 24

Dominique Garcia
CIBA Correspondant in France 
Phone :
+33 4 67 61 49 27 

Fabienne Micheli
CIBA Animation in Brazil
Phone :
+55 (73) 36 80 51 96

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